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History of our Sheriff's Office & Photos

The first Sheriff of Sussex County, James Chappell, was appointed by the Royal Governor in February of 1754 while Virginia was still an English colony.  After the American Revolution the Governor of Virginia continued to appoint county Sheriffs until the Virginia Constitution of 1830 when Sheriffs became elected officials.

From a single appointed official to a staff of 45, the Sussex County Sheriff's Office has grown as the county developed, and additional dutys and responsibilities have increased rapidly in recent years.  The Sheriff's Office is a full service agency which provides security for the Circuit and county courts and serves court process.  Other responsibilities include criminal investigations, traffic enforcement, and the countywide E-911 and W-911 system.

The jail falls under the jurisdiction of the Sheriff.  The present structure was built in 1968, and was designed to house only 28 prisoners.  It now houses an average of 80 inmates per day.

In 2006, the Sussex County Sheriff's Office handled 6,768 calls for service, made 474 criminal arrests, issued 8,665 traffic summons, and served 5,143 court documents.

Our Sheriff's Office Today
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